CAMLOKET was born
from the combination of
Olaf Kitseroo’s knowledge,
experience and network in
media production, technology
and customer service.

This creative cross-pollination
is assisted by the teams of
Netstairs (technology and legal),
Web2Tele (sales) and (media production, courses and

Netstairs designs and builds
real-time digital media broadcast infrastructures,
tele-presence platforms and
media-centric group communication middleware.
These platforms are made for
innovation and independence.
The Interactive Content Delivery Network
[iCDN] with AI+M
is known as a clean room.

Web2Tele brings
clean rooms and First Party Data together.

In the field of interactive video communication, finds the right personnel for you
and helps you with
the production of
video customer service marketing content

CamLoket helps you to provide
a personal video customer service
experience that increases
the accessibility of your website,
the trust in your brand and
the conversion and your turnover
while ensuring empathy,
professionalism and effectiveness.

CamLoket isa leading
video customer service provider,
providing customers with
an excellent and innovative
video customer service experience.

CamLoket is a partnerfor companies
that want to improve their
customer service
by providing high-quality technology
and customer-oriented solutions
that increase customer satisfaction
and increase their loyalty.

CamLoket invests in staff
and the right technologies
to provide an excellent
video customer service experience,
ensures sufficient training of employees
to ensure the quality of
the video customer service
and makes the process
as easy as possible for you