The documentation you receive from us at the start
is usually more than sufficient
to technically operate your CamLoket.

You can use the customer experience you already have
to communicate with your website visitors
via your video customer service.

If you want to use
our video customer service experience and expertise,
it is best to follow one of our video customer service courses.

CamLoket offers both classroom and private courses for this.

The costs for a video customer service course are:
€ 450 (excl. VAT) per participant,
3 X 2 hours, live online, maximum 3 participants.
€ 450 (excl. VAT) per 2 hours of private guidance,
live online or at your location.


If you want to outsource
the representation of your video customer service,
you can do so via CamLoket.

The costs for video customer service personnel
depend on your wishes, such as:
– Do you want English or,
for example, Dutch-speaking representation?
– Do you want a video customer service specialist
or do you want someone who is known from TV?
– Do you want to use a marketing web show
for example something like Game of Fame?


– We help you find your way in the wonderful world of
video customer service, video reception services and extra secure video conferencing.
– We assist you in installing and using the technology.
– We provide video customer service courses.
– We help you with the right video customer service staff.
– We help you produce your video marketing material.
– We are available 24/7 if required.