When someone contacts you
through your website,
they generally want to:
– understand quickly
how your website works.
– easily find what they are looking for.
– communicate with you
with ease and confidence.

With an easy-to-find
‘video reception’ link on your website,
you offer your website visitors
the opportunity to quickly and easily talk to
a live representative of your company
and, if desired, be transferred.

This virtual availability
increases the accessibility of your website
and gives your website visitors
confidence in your organization.

We realize that video reception
may be new to you.
That is why CamLoket will
communicate with you
in comprehensible (visual) language and,
if you wish, be available to you 24/7.

CamLoket’s partners and professionals
have years of experience
in video communication, media production,
teaching courses, finding the right staff
and providing excellent customer service.

As a result, CamLoket will
unburden and guide you in such a way
that you can take on this adventure
with peace of mind.

More and more websites will make use
of a video reception service.
Therefore, offering a video reception
service will become an increasingly
important part of your online communication
and customer satisfaction.

In addition, according to
the European Accessibility Act,
digital accessibility for the elderly and
people with a disability for websites
will become a legal requirement
from 2025 onwards.
We therefore think it is important to
investigate what works best
for you and your website
in a reasonably short period of time

Our experience shows
that not every visitor
who uses your ‘video customer service’ link
wants to turn on the camera
of a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
This is not necessary,
since the visitor can only use
audio or text chat, for example.

The experience
of direct (visual) contact
with a living representative of your company
is sufficient to
facilitate communication, gain trust
and comply with your legal obligation
regarding accessibilityfor the elderly
and people with disabilities.

Providing a video reception service
will entail some knowledge
and additional costs.
We at CamLoket will provide you
with all the information you want and
set up your video customer service
for you as safely, optimally
and financially friendly as possible
and help manage it if desired.