When your web shop visitor
is interested in your product or service,
they want to:

– quickly understand how your website
– easily find what they are looking for;
– be able to order from you hassle-free and
with confidence.

With an easy-to-find
‘video customer service’ link
on your website, you offer your website
visitors the opportunity to quickly and easily
engage with a live representative of your

This virtual accessibility gives your
webshop visitors confidence and this will
increase the conversion and your turnover.

For CamLoket, all facets of video customer
service are a walk in the park, but we
realize that this may be new to you.
That is why CamLoket will communicate
with you in understandable
(visual) language and, if you wish,
will be available to you 24/7.

CamLoket partners and professionals
have years of experience
in video communication, media production,
teaching courses, finding the right staff and
providing excellent customer service.

As a result, CamLoket will
unburden and guide you in such a way
that you can take on this adventure
with confidence.

More and more websites
will use video customer service;
providing excellent video customer service
will therefore become
an increasingly important part
of your online marketing and sales.

In addition, according to the
from 2025 digital accessibility
for the elderly and people with a disability
for web shops
will become a legal requirement.

We therefore think it is important to
investigate in a reasonably short term
what works best for you and your website.


Our experience shows
that not every visitor who uses
your ‘video customer service’ link
wants to turn on the camera
of a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

This is not necessary
as the visitor can only use
audio or text chat, for example.

The experience of direct (visual) contact
with the living representative
of your company is enough to facilitate
communication, gain trust and
comply with your legal obligation
regarding accessibility for the elderly
and people with disabilities.

Providing video customer service
will entail some expertise
and additional costs.
We at CamLoket
will provide you with
all the information you require and
set up your video customer service
for you as safely, optimally and
financially friendly as possible
and, if desired, help manage it.