If you already use
a video communication service,
you can now properly assess
the value of this for your company.

Most likely,
you want your video meeting
to take place in a
safe and privacy-respecting environment.

If you do a little research on the internet,
you will find that every
video communication service
(some more often than others)
has been digitally broken into.

This can often be avoided
through CamLoket.

You can continue to use
the video communication service
that you are already using
and we can arrange
the extra security of this service for you
at various levels and in various ways

All facets of extra secure video communication
are familiar to CamLoket,
but we realize that using this additional security
may be new to you.

CamLoket will communicate with you
in comprehensible (visual) language
and will be available to you 24/7 if you wish.

The use of additional security options
will entail some expertise and additional costs.

We at CamLoket
will provide you with all the information you want
and set up the extra security of your video meetings
for you as safely, optimally and financially friendly as possible
and help manage it if desired.

We at CamLokethelp you guarantee
the privacy and online safety of your video meetings
even more