A CamLoket is a virtual reception area
in the form of a
secure and personalized multifunctional web page.

You start with us with two personalized CamLokets.
We make one CamLoket ‘public’,
the other we set up as ‘private’ for you.
You can change this later (yourself).

You will receive detailed documentation
explaining how to set up and operate your CamLokets.
If you want to get startedwith your CamLoketten yourself
in the short term,
you can ORDER your CamLokets here.

If video customer service is new to you,
and/or you want to be guided in this,
it is best to contact us.

Since video customer service is in many cases tailor-made,
it is best to assume
a ‘request, analysis, advice, set-up and guidance’ process
of approximately one to two months.


When your website visitor
clicks on the video customer service link on your website,
your CamLoket opens.

Your video customer service representative
is immediately visible and can instantly start helping
your (potential) customer.

The website visitor can use a camera,
but that is not necessary,
as it is also possible to communicate
with text chat and / or only audio.

You can choose to integrate your CamLoket
into your website, but you can also choose, for example,
to integrate your webshop into your CamLoket.
Ask our advice and we are happy to explain
the differences for you and your website visitors.

When you try the video customer service on this website
you can experience video customer service
as a website visitor.